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tangent Fjord Dock für iPod iPhone mit AUX Eingang

tangent Fjord Dock für iPod iPhone mit AUX Eingang
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Art.Nr.:Fjord Dock
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 tangent Fjord Dock für iPod iPhone mit AUX Eingang

iPod/iPhone Dock (bis 4S)
Ausgangsleistung: 2 x 7 Watt RMS
Lautsprecher: Full range, Bassreflexgehäuse
AUX IN 3.5 mm Eingang, Standby Funktion / Auto Standby
Bass, Treble, Equalizer, Seduktives Finger-Touch Feld
inkl. Wandhalterung, Fernbedienung und AUX Kabel

New active speaker from Tangent designed by Jacob Jensen Design

As a natural extension to the radio series “Tangent Fjord design by Jacob Jensen”, Tangent now introduces a new single unit active stereo speaker solution in the same timeless design.

The Tangent Fjord stereo speaker has easy connectivity to Apples iPhone and iPod through the incorporated dock as well as a line in for TV, PC, MP3, mobile phones and other sound sources.

Tangent, the award-winning audio manufacturer from Denmark, has seen a market need for stylish sound solutions at affordable prices and hence paired with Jacob Jensen Design as their design partner for the Fjord series.

Tangent Fjord combines the minimalistic design of Jacob Jensen Design with Tangents superior technology and stereo sound. The result is a unique and sculptural combination of form and function.

Sound for ears and eyes

Choosing a sound solution for your home has until now often meant a compromise between technical features, acoustic performance, ease of operation and aesthetic quality. With the launch of Tangent Fjord, this compromise is eliminated for the first time, allowing you to bring home anactive speaker that satisfies demanding ears and critical eyes.

Tangent Fjord is a small active speaker with a big sound and easy connectivity. It appears as a minimalistic sculpture in the home, inviting operation all by itself. The high-quality materials makes Tangent Fjord a physical expression for the satisfaction we experience, when quality in all aspects makes form and function unite on a higher level.

Artwork with content

Under Tangent Fjord’s sculptural exterior and inviting operation, Tangent’s well-known and uncompromising technology resides. Tangent has succeeded in integrating a certified iPhone docking solution (Made for iPhone). The popular multi-function phone can thus be connected directly to the active speaker. This places high demands on the technical abilities of the manufacturer, and with Tangent Fjord, Tangent has once again proven that they are able to compete with the world’s best when it comes to modern audio technologies.

Enhance your sound experience

Why settle with the standard sound from flat screen TV’s and computers, when you in a stylish manner can upgrade the sound. Just connect the Fjord active speaker and enjoy the full sound experience as it was intended.

The stereo speaker can be placed very flexible on a shelf or table or even mounted on the wall withthe included bracket.

The stereo speaker is controlled with the included remote, which is small and handy and made in matching design with black and silver colours.

Fjord Dock speaker - Gloss/Aluminum Black/Silver

W x H x D:
6.7 x 7.1 x 6.7" / 170 x 180 x 170 mm

Frequency range (+/- 3dB): 100 - 20000 Hz
Power RMS 4 Ω: 7
4 Ω x: 2
Voltage: 220 Vac ~ 50/60 Hz

Remote Dock
Standby function
Adjustable volume

iPod/iPhone charge

iPod/iPhone Dock, 3.5mm Aux-in

Unit packaging
Includes: Manual, wall bracket, remote and gloves

 tangent Fjord Dock für iPod iPhone mit AUX Eingang