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Redmond RMC-M20E Multikocher zum einfachen Kochen

Redmond RMC-M20E Multikocher zum einfachen Kochen
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 Redmond RMC-M20E Multikocher zum einfachen Kochen

• 800W
• 5L-Schüssel mit AntiHaftbeschichtung von Anato® (Korea)
• LED-Display
• Elektronischer Regler
• Funktion zeitverzögerter Start, bis zu 24 Std.
• Warmhalte-Funktion,bis zu 24 Std.
• Aufwärmfunktion, bis zu 24 Std.
• Abnehmbares Dampfventil
• Ausgeklügeltes Sicherheitssystem:
- Temperatursensor
- Thermosicherung
• Speicher

Bedienungsanleitung in Deutscher Sprache
Rezeptbuch in Deutscher Sprache

Model M20E
Power 800W
recipe book including
Auto Programs 10
Cooking Bowl (capacity Litres) 5L
max temp for frying 'C 130'
Recipe Book 100
Oatmeal / cereal Yes
Pilaf / Rice Yes
Fry: 1 mode / 3 modes 1 mode
Bake / Pizza / Bread Yes
Steam: 1 mode / 3 modes 1 mode
Soup / pasta Yes
Stew / dessert Yes
Fondue Yes
Cheese / Cottage Cheese Yes
Yogurt Yes
Dough Yes
Clock Timer / Delay timer Delay Time

Unit weight (unpackaged) without instructions and accessories Kg 2,8
Unit weight (unpackaged) with instructions and accessories Kg 3
Box weight (packaged) Kg 3,700
Dimensions of boxed unit (packaged) LxWxH cm 30 x 29.5 x 30
Dimensions of unit (unboxed) WxHxD cm 26 x25 x 26

REDMOND RMC-M20 is a must-have for those who are trying to save time, money, and space in the kitchen. This compact and versatile device will be able to replace a whole range of kitchen appliances. There is no more need to buy additional kitchen devices which are only used on special occasions. The device, featuring a 5-liter non-stick coated bowl, will help you to create the meals your family will love! Additional functions include homemade yogurt and dough proofing cycle. “Time Delay” and “Keep Warm” functions will make your cooking experience more convenient and enjoyable.


REDMOND RMC-M20 features 10 automatic cooking programs:

• “STEAMING” program features manual time adjustment ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours and is recommended for steaming meat, poultry, fish, and various side dishes. This is a best program for those who prefer eating healthy.

• “OATMEAL” program also offers manual time adjustment and can be used for preparing hot cereals using water or milk.

• “GRAIN” program with the approximate cooking time of 35 minutes is for cooking grain side dishes.

• “SOUP” with the manual time adjustment range from 1 to 4,5 hours is recommended for cooking broths, various soups, and drinks.

• “FRYING” program will assist you in frying beefsteaks, fish, or meat without having oil stains all over your kitchen.

• “RICE” program features the approximate cooking time of 50-60 minutes and is used for preparing rice side dishes.

• “PILAF” is used for cooking meat, poultry, seafood, and fish pilafs. Cooking time of the program is 50-60 minutes.

• “STEWING” with the manual time adjustment from 1 to 12 hours is for making low-fat side dishes, jellied meat, and aspic.

• “BAKING” program with the approximate time of 50 minutes is used for baking cakes, biscuits, cottage cheese and vegetable puddings, omelets and pies.

• “YOGURT” is a program for making homemade yogurts and proofing dough.

“Reheating” function allows warming up a cold meal.

Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M20 features the function of keeping the meal warm for up to 24 hours. However, we recommend using “Keep Warm” function moderately, because a prolonged thermal exposure may sometimes affect flavor characteristics of the meal.

“Time Delay” function allows starting the cooking program by certain time of the day with a delay up to 24 hours. Have your meal ready by an early breakfast or by the time your guests arrive.

The team of REDMOND chefs has created a colorful cookbook with 120 recipes, adapted for this particular model. Each recipe gives a step-by-step instruction on the procedure, proportions, and the amount of ingredients used. Follow recommendations from our chefs to achieve great results in cooking.

 Redmond RMC-M20E Multikocher zum einfachen Kochen

Redmond RMC-M20E Multikocher zum einfachen Kochen Redmond RMC-M20E Multikocher zum einfachen Kochen Redmond RMC-M20E Multikocher zum einfachen Kochen