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tangent ALIO stereo DAB+/CD w/ dock Schwarz

tangent ALIO stereo DAB+/CD w/ dock Schwarz
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Art.Nr.:Alio stereo DAB+ black
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 tangent ALIO stereo DAB+/CD w/ dock Schwarz

ALIO stereo DAB+/CD w/ dock - high gloss black

Twice the sharing
When out and about, listening to your music on your iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 player is a personal experience. In fact, the whole concept, dating back to a portable cassette player, is based on individuality and personality.

Today, more and more people have uncovered the pleasure in sharing their own personality with others, using their individual music player as a common source. And the new Tangent ALIO music system makes it a lot easier to do so.

Leading the way is the Tangent ALIO stereo solution, featuring five sound sources and two powerful 3” speakers. Choose between an external iPhone or iPod, and connect via the docking station. Or jump over to the newest, high-quality Digital Audio Broadcasting band, DAB+, via the DAB+ receiver. It too, is built-in, along with an FM tuner and CD player.

You can also connect a final source through the AUX jack on the rear. But no matter what you prefer, you’re able to enjoy it thanks to easy-to-understand operation, and first-class stereosound.

If that wasn’t enough for you, Tangent ALIO is loaded with additional features. The loudness and equalizer pre-sets can be employed as you wish, adjusting the soundscape to fit your personal preferences.



Preset: 8
Antenna input: 174-240Mhz
Bands: FM, DAB band III, DAB L-band, DAB +, DMB-A

Band min: 87.500
Band max: 108.000


Remote Control
Standby function
Adjustable volume

Driver #1
Diameter: 3.50
Cone: paper
Magnet: ferrite
Speaker power: 10


Bass, Treble, Equalizer

Formats: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA


RDS, Scan, Repeat track or all, Snooze, Alarm clock, Sleep timer, Auto tuned, Shuffle

Inputs: Aux-in, iPod® & iPhone® Dock

Unit packaging

Includes: Manual, remote, AUX cables, power cable and gloves

Dimension W x H x D: 370 x 135 x 200 mm
Gross weight: 5.25 kg
Net weight: 3.7 kg
Voltage: 220 Vac ~ 50/60 Hz

 tangent ALIO stereo DAB+/CD w/ dock Schwarz